follow the dakar 2019 itinerary (days 1 - 5)

DAY 1 - Arrive in Lima anytime on January 4th and we will pick you up at the airport and transport you to our 3-star hotel and base of operations in the Miraflores district.  It is summertime in Lima and our hotel is only a few blocks from from the parks overlooking of the Pacific Ocean, with bathing and surfing below, paragliding and other sports above.  If you arrive early enough, take a walk over there!

The Dakar Moto Racer (and crew) we will be sponsoring (James Ferguson from Australia) will be staying with us in our hotel, so when you arrive you may see him prepping the moto right in the hotel front patio!  Get to know them well as we will be cheering them on throughout the event!


We always choose an English speaking racer from one of the countries from which our tour participants come from to give the "hometown feel" to our Dakar spectating!

This year we are also sponsoring 24 yr old Peruvian gal Gianna Velarde on her first attempt at the Dakar! 


She is not only an accomplished MX and Enduro rider, but recently completed the Dakar Series DESAFIO INCA 2018!  She is also a college graduate, a spokesperson for many gearhead TV shows in Peru, and an off-road moto teacher!  Not to mention that she is a Cancer Survivor (glandular cancer at age 14)!  She is one tough girl!


We will all get to speak with her at the Dakar Village before the race.

DAY 2 - On our first full day, after an incredible breakfast buffet, will have Orientation.  What to expect, how we do the calculated guesses on where the race will go, and what our daily itinerary will be.  Our sponsored racer will participate and tell us a little of his/her story.


For DAKAR 2018, Around the Block Moto Adventures, LLC sponsored LYNDON POSKITT #100 of LYNDON POSKITT RACING & RACES 2 PLACES who ended finishing 3rd in the MALLE MOTO category and 28th OVERALL out of almost 150 Moto competitors!

The RALLY VILLAGE will be down on the beach flats in the Magdalena district of the Pacific Coast.  We will catch our transportation down to it, see all the competitors and their machines up close, take pictures and get a feel for the event that is about to start.  Competitors will be arriving at the Rally Village all day long from the Tech Inspections at the Las Palmas Air Force base, as well as many other activities (and food!) to prove to friends back home that "you were there", right in the middle of all the excitement!

In the evening we will have a Banquet in the honor of the Dakar racer we are sponsoring.  This will take place at the RUSTICA restaurant right down on the edge of the ocean as we share good times together and hear from him/her on their hopes and plans for the event!

DAY 3 - Depending on the Dakar 2019 Schedule (yet to be released) we MIGHT be able to catch part of the Ceremonial Start of Dakar 2019 also down on the coast near the Lima Marina.  The beginning of the racing itself will not begin until the next day and some 250 kms south down the coast.


More important for us is to beat the crazy traffic heading south.  So we will head off south just before lunch.  Just getting out of Lima (a city of 11 million) in the heat and traffic is hard on the motorcycles set up for highway and desert riding, so we will bus to a restaurant on the outskirts where we will have lunch and then mount our

steeds and head down the coast to the beach resort of PARACAS where we will be staying at PARACAS SUNSET HOTEL for two nights.  We need to take lots of care riding in South America as the same rules and order we might be accostomed to don't necessarily apply in Peru!

Our 4x4 support vehicles will shephard us along with their tall bright flags distiguishing them from all the other vehicles.  When we arrive in Paracas, there will be time to settle in, swim in the pool or sample the Pisco Sour (in the region that this famous Pisco comes from) before heading out to the beach front walkway where the restaurants prepare some of the best seafood dishes in the world!

DAY 4 - The day will start with (after breakfast of course!) a class on how to ride a moto (or drive a 4x4 in Peter's case) in sand and dunes.  Some may already have some experience at this, but in Peru, where there are up to 2,000 ft tall wind-blown sand dunes it can be a bit challanging and at times dangerous! 

Then we will head out to the nearby Pisco dunes to give it a try!  Our 4x4 Support vehicles (with extra hands) will be available to get you going again should your first attempt not go as well as you had hoped!


We will set up a row of tents for shade in a good viewing area of Stage 1 of the race where we will spread out a picnic lunch just in time to spectate the race!  In past years the official spectating area has been the best place for this for the beginning of the racing, so on this one we will be together with thousands of other fans cheering on our favorites!  Don't forget to bring the largest flag you can find of your home country to encourage on it's participants.  The side of the monstrous dunes is a great place to show your national spirit and the filming helicopters are bound to notice.  You may even end up being in the Television Dakar Highlights for all the world to see!

Then back to our hotel for a cooling off in the pool.  We will have a complete rolling Tech Shop to address any issues or preferences with your motorcycle for the next day.  Just communicate your concerns to our staff.


The night life in coastal Paracas can be great, but it will be "rise and shine" early the next morning if we are to catch the Dakar!

DAY 5 - While you have been dining and resting, our crew has been studying the just released information on Stage 2 to try to figure where is the best place we can catch the action, hopefully away from the crowds.  Only the "Official Spectator areas" are given, and even that only a day before that stage, so we have to digest all the general race data, join it with our knowledge of the area, and "guess" at where the race will go that day and where we hopefully can intercept it.

Today the Dakar will be moving down the coast, from the Pisco area to San Juan de Marcona, so we move also.  We need to take everything with us as our next night will be in Nazca!  Somewhere along the way we will catch part of the action.  In 2018 on this portion we were able to see the end of the Stage and welcome Lyndon!  The more adventurous riders headed out to the soft, steep dune just before the finish and caught many competitors literally rolling their vehicles to the bottom (sideways!)

After a hot day and travel in the desert, we settle in to CASA HACIENDA NAZCA OASIS.  This will be our "home base" for quite a bit of our tour.  It is nice with it's old Hacienda feel, the pool, and of course the top notch service!

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