follow the dakar 2019 itinerary days 10 - 12

DAY 10 - The Dakar will be getting back into our territory today!  We don't know if the Stage 6 will be in the Arequipa area BEFORE the long transit back to us or in our area AFTER a long transit from Arequipa. 


We will have to be flexible!

Today again there will be an opportunity for another 1/3 of the group to overfly the event.  The rest of us will be out in the desert somewhere, but will coordinate with the airplane pilot to fly over us.  The wind is strong in this area after 11am and last year we had to tie our shade tents between two of our vehicles to keep it from blowing away!

Also in 2018, when we were out in this area, we saw the helicopter medi-vacing the Dakar Moto Defending Champion, Sam Sunderland and his moto from the plateau right out in front of us!

DAY 11 - Part of the fun of being right in the middle of the Dakar action is to meet the riders at gas stations and along the highway!  Although often in a hurry, they are always friendly and you get to see another side of the event!


Today, Stage 7 will take place as a loop starting and ending in San 

Juan de Marcona where last year they started on the 2 km long beach just north of the town.  If that is hapenning again a group could go check that out as they start the motos 15 at a time, and the cars and trucks 4 at a time!


Today will also be the last chance 

for the remaining 1/3 of our group to overfly the race. After that they will meet with the 1st group at one of the official spectator areas.


On this portion last year we did pretty well in "guessing" where the race would go by out in the middle of the desert.  We were "off" by only 100 meters!

DAY 12 - Stage 8 will send the race back to the Pisco area and we will go also, back to our Hotel Paracas Sunset!  We suspect that the start will take place near ICA after a 200 km transit, so we will need to be on our way 

early if we are going to catch part of the race!


We hope our sponsored rider(s) will be still in the running even if they are lagging behind.  This is the most important time to cheer them on!  If they can 

make it through today, then they are over the hump and can make it to the end!


I'm sure we will keep our rolling Tech Shop busy with all the beating we will doing to the motos (last year we replaced 6 clutches!), but like the competitors, we are almost to the finish line!

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