follow the dakar 2019 itinerary days 13 - 16

DAY 13 - Today will be the last chance for those who want to take the launch out around the BALLESTRAS ISLANDS to see the seals and penguins.


The rest of us are back to the soft, tall dunes!  Today, Stage 9 will start and end right in the Pisco area.  From experience 

we know that today will be the killer for the cars and big trucks as it was for Ceril Depres and co-driver last year!  There are so many "sand traps" like this one!


Although it is really not allowed  in the rules, we 

as spectators are often called on to help get a competitor out of a bad spot in the dunes!  But no ASO authorities are out there watching so it is "all hands on deck!"


In this area there are so many dune ridges to spectate from that we will have a hard time choosing one!


Tonight will be your last chance to try the great CEVICHE and other seafood served in Paracas!  Don't miss it!

DAY 14 - Stage 10 will be short and in the same Pisco area.  The field of competitors will be down to likely 40% of the starters!


We will have to pack everything as we will be chasing the racers to the ceremonial finish in Lima.

Although there will be significant traffic on our way back to Lima, it will be fun to ride together with the competitors in transit!


In 2012 the Dakar finished in Lima, right in the main plaza beside the Presidential Palace!  We don't know at this time where the finish podium will be, but anyway it will

be near impossible to get there in time unless we skip the final short stage!


Needless to say WE will be almost as tired as the racers themselves as we head back into Lima, and so glad to find ourselves back at our hotel!

DAY 15 - The ASO (the Dakar organization) has hinted that there may be some special celebration on January 18th following the finish of the Dakar in Lima. So we will extend our tour in case this comes to pass!


If not, it will still be a rest day to celebrate

summer south of the equator and maybe you will want to take one of those tamdem paraglide rides over the Pacific Coast to remember your wonderful time in Peru!

DAY 16 - Sometime today you will bid Peru, our staff and it's desert coast goodbye.  Hopefully your sunburn will not be too bad after SO MANY days out in the desert and you will think fondly of your time and of AROUND THE BLOCK MOTOS ADVENTURES!

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