follow the dakar itinerary days 6 - 9

Day 6 - Today the Dakar should be racing Stage 3 in the San Juan de Marcona area.  Then they will be transiting almost 500 kms all the way down the coast to the city of Arequipa.   From there Stages 4 and 5 will be killer Marathon stages all the way to the desert cities of Moquegua and Tacna and back!  To keep up with this portion of the event we would have to be traveling over 3,000 kms of bleak desert highways, with little time to even see the event.


For this reason our tour has chosen to chase the Dakar 2019 only part of the way to Arequipa, enjoy the southern coastal beaches and fishing villages, ride

the desert valleys in the area, visit a centuries old working vineyard (taste testing too of course!), see the the coastal sealife from a boat, and sandboard the famous dunes of the Huacachina Oasis while we wait for the Dakar to return to our area!


We will be staying two nights right on the beach at PUERTO DE LOMAS in the HOTEL LOMAS BEACH overlooking the bay.

That doesn't mean that we won't see the action of Stage 3 today!  In fact this will be your first opportunity to see the race from the air, as well as the famous NAZCA LINES!  A third of the group, including those on the 9-day Jan 4th to 12th tour, will overfly the race today.  Those of us in the desert below will try to get your attention with our troup of vehicles and our huge flags laid out on the dunes!

Day 7 - Today it is your choice! 


A:  Go out along the coast with a local fisherman, try your hand at fishing, and see some fauna. 

B: Just wander the seaside town and relax on the beach.

C: Take a moto romp along the rocky coastal area. 

D: Do a little of all three!!

We will be staying a second night here so enjoy the relaxed and summer atmosphere!  Especially if you just came from the icy north!!

Day 8 - Today we will head back to our base (read: "luxury hotel") in Nazca.  But not right away.  Take time to enjoy our beach local, anything you missed yesterday, or do more of the same!


After lunch we will get on the road, trying some short cuts across wide desert valleys for the adventurous ones!

On the way back to Nazca we will stop at the tower where you can climb up and see two of the examples of the ancient lines on the desert floor drawing animals, insects, and what some believe to be the landing strips for alien spacecraft. 


You decide!

We will be landing again at the Casa Hacienda Nazca Oasis.  Those on the 9-day Jan 4th to 12th tour will be catching a deluxe bus this evening back to Lima where our agent will pick you up and take you to our same Lima Hotel in Miraflores where you will overnight for your flight the next day.

Day 9 - We are off to visit HUACACHINA OASIS for a day of riding dunes buggies and trying our hand at sand boarding!  The sand is so soft, just like snow, except for the temperature!


Here we will meet up with the new folks arriving for the 9-day

Jan 11th to 19th tour.  After a lunch by the pool, we will head over to the TACAMA VINEYARDS to check out the history and the product of this famous working vineyard.


After this long and well enjoyed day, we will head back to our "home base" in Nazca.

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