2017 is now in the history books!  Our 'Andes & Amazon' tours this year were epic, and we have just added some great fotos and video!


What do we have new for this year?  Well we now know that the DAKAR 2019 is coming to Peru and ONLY Peru!   Our 'FOLLOW THE DAKAR 2019 in Peru' (Jan 2019) will be EPIC!


REMEMBER, we do only TOURS BY REQUEST!  So gather up your group, tell us WHERE, WHEN, and HOW you want to do your tour, and WE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!


Below, you will find EXAMPLES of tours that we do.  MIX & MATCH what you'd like.  PERU is so full of varied geography and culture!

                  'follow the dakar 2019 tour' !!

Yes, the DAKAR 2019 is not only coming to Peru, it will ALL be in PERU!!


The DAKAR 2019 will start and finish in Lima, will have 10 stages.  The day-by-day route has just been announced!


There will be a 16-day tour that covers ALL of it.

There will be a 9-day tour for the 1st 1/2

There will be a 9-day tour for the 2nd 1/2


We are so sorry to announce that there are no longer any available spots on this tour.  Please check back next year.

The Girls on Bikes  Learn-to-Ride Off-road - Peruvian Adventure is a 'girls only' 11 - day experience.  Your hosts will provide personalized off road motorcycle instruction in a group setting leading up to mountain village excursions in the Andes and finally a foray into the Amazon cloud forest to the breathtaking Velo de la Novia Waterfall!


We can work with ANY level of experience as long as you already ride on road!  We have small 250cc bikes for most and 600cc and 650cc bikes for those more adventursome!


Additional 4-day Cuzco & Machu Picchu expedition or 4-day social awareness project here in Hunauco are optional. 



Your choice of dates !


(* number of days INCLUDE travel days to/from Peru)


The "Andes & Amazon" 15-day tour takes you through the majestic Andes mountains for over 1,000 km!  Then you drop down into the mountain jungle of the Amazon via Satipo, the home of the Campa indians.  Following along jungle gorges full of orchids, waterfalls, and river crossings!  Don't miss it!     


Your choice of dates !


(* number of days INCLUDE travel days to/from Peru)

"Conquistadors" tour follows the route taken by the Spanish in 1533 as they vanquished the Incan Empire.  We will cross over high passes and down into the mountain jungles, through the "Canyon del Pato", the Incan capitol of Cajamarca, the Chachapoyan fotress of Kuelap and the Gocta Falls (3rd highest in the world!).


Your choice of dates !


(* number of days INCLUDE travel days to/from Peru)

"The Wonders of Peru Tour" can be your choice  of a 10, 13, 14, 16 or 24 day tour including some or all of:

+ Ride the central and southern Andes & Amazon of Peru.

+ Passing thru Cuzco, the Incan capitol of Peru.  We will also visit the famed 'lost city of the Incas' Machu Picchu and ride the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

+ Chase the origins of the Mighty Amazon all the way to it's source.

+ Ride the Colca Canyon (2nd deepest in the world and twice the depth of the Gran Canyon!)

+ Ride up the coast of Peru - DAKAR country! - during wonderful beach weather (in January!)

+ Ride the 'Swiss Alps of Peru' over 15,000 ft back into the central Andes, and at the end of the day try the Natural Hot Mineral Baths!


See the wonders of Peru ... all from the seat of an adventure motorcycle!


Your choice of dates !


(* number of days INCLUDE travel days to/from Peru)

Around the Block Moto Adventures offers something no one else in Peru does!  DESIGN YOUR OWN TOUR!


YOU pick the dates, where YOU want to visit, who YOU want to ride with, and what level of accomodations you want.  We design it for you and lead it!

Check out our group page on Facebook!

Where to Find Us:

Around the Block Moto Adventures
PO Box 321
Bristol, ME, 04539


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Don't miss the probable FOLLOW THE DAKAR 2018 tour in Peru !!