itinerary - 10 day 'arrive & drive' Rally-raid tour

Day 1 - Arrive anytime Sept. 11th to Lima.  We pick you up at the airport and shuttle you to the 3-star HOTEL ANTIGUA MIRAFLORES right by the Pacific coast where you will have the remainder of the day to explore the coastline (where three DAKARS have begun and/or finished).  Maybe even go for a ride with the Parasailers, shop, or try the best cuisine in the world as Peru is known for!

Day 2 - After a fantastic breakfast, we gather for the tour welcome and orientation.  After we will guide you to the best spots in Miraflores to explore, change currency, eat and more for the remainder of the day.


In the evening we will be shuttling you to the bus station to take the Deluxe Sleeping coach over the 15,800 ft (4,818 mt) Ticlio pass, along the high lake-strewn altiplano, and down the Huallaga Valley to the 482 yr old colonial city of Huanuco in the 'Valley of Eternal Spring'.

Day 3 - After a late breakfast and rest at the GRAN HOTEL HUANUCO, we will have an on-site orientation and introduction to your bikes and the whole support team including Marcia Alvarez, Peru's reigning Women's Motocross champion.  Then we will gear up, mount our bikes and head up a nearby valley route (using the roadbooks) to the Hacienda of Shismay and beyond to a high pass and lake at 11,200 ft.  This route will be part of the SS03 stage so that you can get used to your bike and the style of the route for the rally.


Your hotel will be Rally HQ for the next 3 days.

Day 4 - After a great breakfast, you will pass through Administrative Check-in and Technical Scrutineering with your bike, visit your 'pit' area in the race BIVOUAC for any last minute adjustments, and participate in the 'Shakedown #1' with many other riders for 6,000 ft to 9,000 ft altitude (2,000 to 2,800 mt) routes.  This will familiarize you with our stage Starting proceedures and Timing methods.  This route will also be run with a Roadbook and Time Card and is exactly SS05 stage which is the last stage of Day #1 of the competition.


The day will end with a special dinner (in your very hotel) with the authorities and a story-telling recount of the history of the Austrian-German immigrants that came to Peru in 1858, and WALKED over the Andes to settle the towns of Pozuzo and Oxapampa, upon which this event is based.

Day 5 - A second day of scrutineering and preparation.  There will be 'Shakedown #2' for altitudes of 6,000 to 12,000 ft (2,000 to 3,400 mt) overlooking our city of Huanuco. 


At 5pm there will be PARC EXPOSE of the competitors and their vehicles in the Main Plaza ( in front of your hotel) so that the public may meet you and get your autograph, followed by the CEREMONIAL START with dances and announcements of each of the riders on the ramp/platform in front of the Municipality attended by dignitaries and the press.  From there it is back to the BIVOUAC and PARC FERME where the competition vehicles will be impounded until the start the following day.


Driver's meeting at 9 pm at the hotel.

Day 6 - First day of competition, with the first moto starting out at 06:01 hours from the BIVOUAC !  Today will be 300 kms of riding the valleys and high mountain roads, intersperced with one 20 min. SERVICE and another 30 min. SERVICE, finishing up with a 60 min. SERVICE back at the Huanuco BIVOUAC and PARC FERME.


9pm Driver's Meeting at your hotel.

Day 7 - This 2nd day of competition includes travel over a 14,400 ft pass (during SS06) and down through the mountain jungle on twisting gravel routes.  Five competitive stages over 200 kms on the way to the German heritage town of Oxapampa.  Your arrival in the Main Plaza will be celebrated with bands and dancing!  Between SS08 and SS09 there will be a 20 min. SERVICE in the town of Paucartambo, then 60 min. SERVICE at the end of the day before PARC FERME.


9pm Driver's Meeting at the Oxapampa Social Club.

Day 8 - Today again begins with a start at 06:01 hours right out of the BIVOUAC, but the day will be somewhat shorter (only 68 competitive kms), heading up the jungle valley through the Yanachaga-Chemillen National Park up the the Austrian heritage village of Pozuzo then back to Oxapampa.  It will be important to just hold your place during the 5 short stages today.  The next to last stage, SS14, is 6 laps of a course on a sand and rock beach near Pozuzo.  Don't bend a rim!


Upon arrival back in Oxapampa you will be received grandly up on the Finishers platform where medals and trophies will be given out.  YOU FINISHED!  All that is left is the PARTY!

Day 9 - The race is over, but you are in a most wonderful town full of German Austrian heritage.  Today is the final day of the week long festivities for this region and you have the day free to finally check out your surroundings! .  Walk around the square!  Go visit the Cheese factory or the Sugar Cane Distillery or nearby waterfalls!  Don't miss out on the fanastic German marinated or smoked grilled meats!


This evening we will be catching the Deluxe Sleeping coach for our return to Lima.

Day 10 / Sept 1st - Upon your arrival back in Lima around 8 am, you will be shuttled back to our HOTEL ANTIGUA MIRALORES in time for the breakfast buffet and have use of the room until your flight home sometime today or other continuation of your travels.  We will make sure to take you to the Inka Market for items you may want to purchase to remember your time in Peru!


Each of you will be taxied individually back to the airport.  Don't forget to tell all your friends about this event as we hope to repeat it many years into the future!

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