You arrive in Lima and are picked up at the airport and taken to our 3 star historical Hotel Antigua de Miraflores.   Depending on when you arrive, you may have the whole day to explore the Miraflores area of Lima with it's parks, cafes and Pacific Ocean overlook.  You MAY even want to go for a swim or take a short lesson in surfing!

Day 2 we will ride a modern 2-level bus out of Lima with panoramic views, over the 15,800 ft pass, past high Andean lakes with pink flamigos, mining towns, and down the Huallaga Valley to Huanuco! (option of flying to Huanuco for $100 extra)

Jan 3rd will be a shorter riding day and on pavement as everyone gets used to their moto.  We ride back up the Huallaga River Valley and up onto the high Andean plains past Lago Junin.  from there we drop down into the beautiful Tarma valley with stair-stepped 'andenes' agriculture, from where the Andes gets it's name.

We will spend the night in the authentic Hacienda Santa Maria where you will experience life as it was hundreds of years ago (except with clean sheets and hot water!).

Jan 4th we ride down into the mountain jungle of the Amazon thru the towns of San Ramon and La Merced until we hit the valley bottom.  South thru Ashaninka indian land, stopping mid day to savor some jungle dishes before on to Laguna Blanca lodge where we will wash off the day and sip drinks beside the pool!

Jan 5th will be a long but INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL day as we climb on gravel up the jungle valley and into the clouds, popping out onto the high plains beside deep blue lakes.  The views will be stunning (and the drop offs too!) all day long.  As the sun sets before us we drop down into the Huancayo Valley we wind down into the small town of Concepcion and Loma Verde Lodge.  The coolness begins to set in, but don't worry, there are fireplaces in every room!

Jan 6th we are back up in the high central valley as we head towards the famous colonial city of Ayacucho.  We top out at 13,500 ft, then drop to follow the Mantaro River, past the Hidroelectric plant, then past multicolored clay cliffs, through the colonial town of Huanta and down into Ayacucho.  Our Hotel Sevilla is close to the main plaza and the best eateries.

Jan 7th is a rest day in Ayacucho.  Feel free to wander the markets and the plazas!  Ayacucho, founded in 1532, has 32 cathedrals, one for each of the prominent Spanish families of the day!

Jan 8th we push on south.  This will be a day of great variety.  We head out of Ayacucho via a back way through small agricultural villiages working our way up to the high puna.  Then we drop quickly down to the river.  Then a climb back up to over 14,000 ft where we often experience a short burst of small hail, before we drop down into Andahuaylas and our lodgings for the night.  After a shower and change we will head out on the town for some roticery chicken and french fries!

Jan 9th we will head past inland lakes, small Quechua towns, herds of llama, along Andean ridges, and down into Cuzco, the Incan capitol of the world.  Steep cobblestone streets, 500 year old colonial churches side by side with Incan stone palaces.  Our hotel is within easy walking distance to the Plaza where we MUST have supper and a drink at the famous stopover for all Round the World Moto riders and Overlanders, Norton Rats Tavern.

This will be goodbye to those finishing their tour here.  They will fly out the next day to Lima and home.  For the rest, after a quick tour of Cuzco, we will be riding past the Incan fortress of Sachsawaman and down into the Sacred Valley of the Incas to Ollantaytambo.  From there you leave on your 2-day Machu Picchu Excusion!  You will follow the Urubamaba River via train to Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu.  All the tour details in the tour company's brochure.

You will be back at Hostal Saphi in Cuzco late on Jan 12th.  Some will be flying out the next day, but some of you will be getting back on the motos tomorrow.

Jan 13th we head south out of Cuzco through small villiages and mining towns heading towards the Colca Canyon, trying to get as far as possible as tomorrow will be our highest, hardest day!  In the afternoon we will pass Lago Langui on our way to Yaupi (Espinar).

more to come!!

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