Around the Block Moto Adventures has existed for more than two decades organizing National Motocross, Enduro, and MotoRally events all over Peru.  Our moto tours began in earnest 16 years ago with a 5-day ride up into the mountain jungles of central Peru.  Since then we have been to every area of Peru and to as far away as Iguazu Falls in Argentina, criss-crossing Brazil and Bolivia.


We specialize in adventure rides, always choosing the 'way less traveled'.  If that means gravel, mud, or jungle trails.... Bring it on!  We ride light with a support truck behind.  If you see a short-cut up the mountain...  Go for it!  It's not about covering the kms, it's about the joy of adventure riding!


We are American expats who have grown up in South America (on motorcycles) and know the byways, the cultures, and the languages of the interior.  No one else can offer the details and the attention we do.


When you are part of a tour, you are a team member, you are a friend.

Our tours

Aside from our scheduled tours, we construct tours exactly to your needs!  We encourage and facilitate YOU to plan the tour of YOUR dreams with YOUR buddies, on YOUR timetable, YOUR preferences.  Then we guide it for you.

About Us

Learn more about us and meet our dedicated staff members. We're looking forward to serving you!


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Where to Find Us:

Around the Block Moto Adventures
PO Box 321
Bristol, ME, 04539

email: aroundtheblock07@gmail.com

What's New?

THE DAKAR IS COMING BACK TO PERU!!  Don't miss the DESAFIO INCA 2015 and the FOLLOW THE DAKAR 2016 tours!!