special announcement:

We have moved our moto shop to a new location in Pucallpa, Peru (building a new facility there) but we will still be suspending TVIPs and storing foreign motorcycles in Huanuco for a few years.  +51 944 085 053

suspend your tvip / bike storage in peru

We are in HUANUCO, central Peru, right on the 3N/3S.  There are 4 flights (and many night buses) to Lima each day.  Coordinates are -9.912670, -76.225078  and WHATSAPP number is: +51 944 085 053.


We can process the paperwork to suspend your Peru TVIP (Temporary Vehicle Import Permit or Certificado de Internamiento Temporal in Spanish) and allow you to return home for up to a year.  Paperwork costs $180 USD (process takes 3 to 6 weeks), but you only need to plan 1/2 day (M-F non-holiday) in Huanuco to sign a PODER (POA) to represent you (under $45 USD) before you head home.  We take care of the rest.  but we will take care of all the details and make it quick signing at the notary.


It also includes our processing of the UN-suspension paperwork (LEVANTE) when you return.


The storage fee (under roof and behind locked doors) for foriegn registered bikes is $65 USD /month billed monthly via PayPal.  Or if you pre-pay the full time (more than 6 months) asking to suspend the TVIP, it is only $50 USD/month.  This includes any luggage and gear you want to leave behind.

When you enter Peru ask for the maximum tourist visa so that on your TVIP you get at least the 90 days (you can ask for 180 days if there is less than 90 days before mid year left in the present year) even if you plan to leave Peru immediately upon dropping your bike off.  This will give us much more flexibility.


If you only need to leave and come back within the TVIP time, it is required to still do an INFORME at a SUNAT office (this CAN be in Lima, but plan for a M-F non-holiday to do this).  It is almost the same as a TVIP suspension, but we don't have to wait for an answer.  For us to help you with this paperwork is $50 USD.

  Also free storage of gear !!

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Where to Find Us:

Around the Block Moto Adventures, LLC

102 Quail Run Road
Bristol, ME, 04539



San Jose de Yarinacocha

Pucallpa, Peru, South America


-8.333969, -74.603929

email: aroundtheblock07@gmail.com


WhatsApp: +51 944 085 053

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