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Participant Agreement of Tour Parameters

& Personal Rental Agreement



Reservation of the Tour or Rental



(1)   The minimum age of the Driver must be 16 years old at the start of the Tour, and own a valid motorcycle driver’s license from his/her country of origin.

(2)   The minimum age of the Driver, if carrying a passenger, is 28 years old and must have been in possession of a valid motorcycle driver’s license for a minimum of six (6) years.


(3)   The minimum age of a companion (passenger) must be 18 years old at the start of the Tour / Rental.

(4)   It is recommended that you be fully insured (accident, trip cancellation, medical transport and repatriation) before the start of the tour or rental. Please consult your insurance agent(s) in your country of origin. The motorcycles have the basic accident insurance (SOAT) required by law that covers only liability and 24 hr emergency medical. Any damage caused to the motorcycle will come from Damage Deposit set aside by the Participant in case of an accident.




Confirmed Reservation of participation in a Tour will be accepted with a 50% deposit paid within two (2) weeks of receiving the invoice. The outstanding balance of the invoice must be paid at least four (4) weeks before the start date of the chosen tour. Your motorcycle and accommodations of choice will be reserved for you upon receiving the first deposit.


Confirmed Reservation of a RENTAL will be with a 100% deposit paid.


Terms and Conditions of the Tour


The Participant or Renter is entitled to cancel his/her tour at any time. Some charges that will be applied for cancellation of the reservation. The costs that will be applied from the total amount prepaid will be the following:

- 20% of the Organized Tour cost if canceled between the booking date and 8 weeks before the start of the tour (except in the case of a FOLLOW THE DAKAR Tour).

- 50% of the tour cost if canceled with less than 8 weeks before the star of the tour (except in the case of a FOLLOW THE DAKAR Tour).


MOTORCYCLE RENTAL (not organized tour)



- 20% fee of the Motorcycle Rental (not to exceed $200 USD) if cancellation under 6 weeks from beginning rental date plus Paypal's 5% fee on refunds if that method has been used for the deposit.

For any of these cases, cancellation by the Participant or Renter must be made in writing by email. The organizer will confirm receipt of the cancellation in the same manner. The Participant or Renter MAY possibly transfer the contract to someone else, as long as he/she meets all the requirements for participation in the Tour or Rental and this transfer has been communicated to the Organizer at least two weeks prior to the departure date.


The Organizer reserves the right to cancel or postpone an Organized Tour for a compelling reason. Also the trip may be canceled at four (4) weeks before the start date if the minimum number of Participants for the tour has not been reached. If either of these is the case, the Participants will be informed by e-mail and all possible refunds will be made. Participants may choose to transfer payments made to another future Tour.

Organized Tour Contract Agreement


(1) The scope of services that are binding will be the tour description registered on the website or in a prospectus issued by AROUND THE BLOCK MOTO ADVENTURES, LLC.  All services that are not explicitly mentioned in the tour are NOT covered.

(2) The Organizer reserves the right to modify the route of the tour to the extent that this is necessary by overwhelming need. The Organizer will try to not to change the original plan, yet if it becomes necessary the Organizer will adapt solutions as close to the original as possible.


(1) By signing this agreement, the Participant guarantees that he/she has the sufficient skill to drive the type of motorcycle in question on the roads/trails described in the tour, and is entirely responsible for all situations therein.

(2) The Participant is required to use the proper riding gear, as described on the website. In the case that the participant does not own his/her personal riding gear, there is the option of renting riding gear from the Organizer. This should be coordinated with a minimum of 6 weeks before the start of the trip.

(3) Once the motorcycle is turned over to the Participant, he/she is obliged to fully control the motorcycle and verify the correct operation of ALL of its’ functions.  From this moment forward he/she assumes full responsibility. The Organizer and Guide are not required to verify compliance with these requirements.

(4) It is the exclusive responsibility of the Participants to determine whether their individual knowledge, ability, and experience on and off road are sufficient to meet the challenge of the Tour. The Organizer will specify the terrain and conditions to be covered each day of the Tour. The Organizer and Guide are not obliged to verify the capabilities and skills of the participants.


(1) Each participant, before the beginning of the tour will make a Damage Deposit of $500 USD for a Chinese moto, or $1,000 USD for a Honda or Yamaha moto  (by Paypal or cash).  This total will be returned IN FULL (minus 5% if deposit is via PayPal) upon return of the motorcycle with NO damage.  Any damage repair and replace costs will be discounted form this Deposit and the remaining amount will be returned to the participant.


Over-stress of the engine (shown by the condition or level of the oil when moto is returned) will also be considered as damage and a charge of 30% of the rental total will be discounted from the Damage Deposit.


(2) For all trips organized by AROUND THE BLOCK MOTO ADVENTURES, LLC, the rented motorcycle may only be used during the guided portion of the tour done as a group. The use of the motorcycle is strictly forbidden during other hours unless approved by the Organizer.

(3) In the case that a mechanical failure and/or an accident should occur for any reason, the Organizer will attempt to make the motorcycle road-worthy again as quickly as possible, yet not to the extent that it will impair the Tour for the other Participants. The Tour always has on hand basic parts and a qualified mechanic to aid in this. The Guide, knowing the conditions of the route and the season of the year, has full authority to decide to place the impaired motorcycle aboard the support vehicle to be transported to such a place and time as it will be possible to repair it without affecting the quality of the Tour for the other Participants. If the condition of the motorcycle is due to purely mechanical failure, and is not able to be fixed during the tour, the Organizer will make room for the affected participant in the support vehicle and will refund the Participant the amount in motorcycle rental and fuel equivalent to the time lost.



All tours (unless specified) are conducted in Peru. The Participant must be informed in their country of origin if there are any visa or vaccine requirements, and the validity of his/her passport. It is recommended to have a current Tetanus vaccine before starting the Tour. Any other requirements shall be informed by the Organizer. The Participant is responsible for obtaining any and all visas or vaccinations.


In the event of a Participant NOT following the recommendations of the Guide(s) and / or jeopardizing the safety of himself/herself or that of the other Participants, AROUND THE BLOCK MOTO ADVENTURES, LLC reserves the right to cancel the Tour Contract with that Participant without refund.

Fines imposed by Peruvian transit authorities will be the sole responsibility of the Participant.


The Participant takes part in the Tour of his/her own decision and risk, and exempts entirely from liability AROUND THE BLOCK MOTO ADVENTURES, LLC. from all accidents and damage to property caused by the Participant.  These shall be the full responsibility of the Participant. The Participant disclaims from responsibility AROUND THE BLOCK MOTO ADVENTURES, LLC and or the Guide of all accidents leading to death and / or serious injury or permanent disability. Only if the negligence proceeds from the Organizer and it is fully proved, will AROUND THE BLOCK MOTO ADVENTURES LLC be responsible through its (or its affiliates) liability insurance.

Please send us a scan of your current passport (also a JPEG) as soon as you make you reservation deposit as it is necessary to make certain tourist reservations in Peru.


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