5 of our 'FOLLOW THE DAKAR 2019' participants with winner Toby Price

YES !! We are in Peru! A coastal desert of (5) Dakars, the Andes, and the Amazon!  And from here you can ride north or south to all countries of South America on our 'Purchase & Buy Back' program, specially prepared motorcycles! 

WOW!  We now have (3) DAKAR veterans riding our ROUTE OF THE IMMIGRANTS 2025 Charity Rally-Raid event!  Come ride with them via our ARRIVE & DRIVE all-included race/tour!  Details below.

Our tours

We DON'T have scheduled tours, we construct tours exactly to your needs!  We encourage and facilitate YOU to plan the tour of YOUR dreams with YOUR buddies, on YOUR timetable, YOUR preferences.  Then we guide it for you.

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San Jose de Yarinacocha

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