FAQ about visiting peru


Sooo Many Questions!


(1)  What form of $$ do I need to take to Peru for this trip?

A - You don't have to "bring" $$ because you can use any ATM in Peru to just access your account and fees are similar to ATMs in USA. The only thing is that they limit you to $400/day which is not a problem as almost all your needs are covered by the tour!

(2) How much $$ will I need for food?

A - Well, all hotels will give us breakfast with our rooms. During the day when riding in the Andes we will only snack (it is much better to travel at altitude with a not-so-full stomach).  Our only big meal will be supper. So about $8 to $15 per day for food should be plenty.

(3) Any other $$ needs?

A - Besides any purchases you want to make, or entry into parks, museums, etc. during our "rest" days, the only other thing should be souveniers and tips (optional).

(4)  Do I need any shots or a visa for Peru?
A - Nope.  Niether.  Only tourists traveling to the Northern jungle around Iquitos need a Yellow Fever shot.  You SHOULD be up on your tetanus though... just in case (NOT required by Peru, but a good idea!).  When you arrive at the airport in Lima they will automatically give you up to a 90 day tourist visa.

(5)  What about my in-Peru tickets?

A - I will send you email copies of your tickets.  I will also have printout copies waiting for you at the hotel in Lima. Pick them up before you leave the hotel.  Humberto will see you to the airport and help you check in every time..

(6) Any other "words to the wise"?

A - YES.  I will ask you to scan a copy of your passport and sent it to me for the reservations I need to make.  I will also print off a copy and sealed it in plastic.  That is good enough to carry when you are shopping or touring around should you have to show any identification.  If you get something stolen, I would rather them not get your passport.  We will keep the passports in a safe place and move around with only the copy.  We will only have to show the ACTUAL passport at the airport and MAYBE at a police checkpoint along the route.  For your trip down to Peru it would be good to have a simple photocopy IN CASE something happens before you get to Peru.  At least you will have the important info to show a consulate!

Also, DO NOT use a purse or a wallet.  I carry an 79 cent credit card wallet insert deep in my right front pocket for my cards, and a small clip of cash deep in my left front pocket with my passport.  The rest of my personal things go in a small kangaroo pouch IN FRONT of me with tickets, meds, small camera, etc. 
I carry an extra set of clothes in my carry-on.  Why?  Very possibly your bags may not catch up to you for another day or two... so be prepared to NOT MAKE IT AN EMERGENCY. 

BE prepared, NOT worried.
BE careful, NOT suspicious.
BE friendly, NOT gullible.

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