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We will not ONLY be on the motorcycles, but will also have days to visit and expore the area of Peru we are in.  So aside from your moto-riding gear you will need some other clothes.  Let's break them down by region.


LIMA: December to April will be summer in Lima.  80-85 F day / 70-75 F night. 10 degrees less than that (and foggy) the rest of the year.   In the evenings it will be breezy.  Lima is a very busy city, so we will try to do everything in vehicles, NOT on the motos.  We will NOT go to any place requiring formal clothing.


ANDES: If the sun is out it will be about 70 F, but from December to March most every afternoon it clouds over and lightly rains with temperatures dropping to 45 F.  In two places we will reach VERY high altitudes.  There MAY be colder weather there, but we should be over the high spot in the mornings so as to miss the boxed in weather. 


CUZCO: Days can range from 55 to 70 depending on the sun/rain.  Multiple thin layers are the key, with a windbreaker in hand.  Nights can drop to 40 F depending on the weather front.  Buildings normally do NOT have any heat, so unless you are in your bed under 3 blankets, you will wear the same clothing inside buildings as outside.  Many people choose to purchase wool sweaters and gloves IN Cuzco as they can also be a colorful and inexpensive keepsake.


NOTES: Riders, remember you are bringing a fleece to put under your riding gear.  That can also be your 'go out at night in the Andes' jacket.


On the ride you are limited to:

     - the gear on your body (your gear bag folded up and on the support truck)

     - the things you carry in your daypack on your back while on the moto

     - the one (1) 24" x 12" x 12" rolling duffle which will go aboard the support vehicle in which you carry ALL your other things!


You can leave LIMA clothes at the hotel in Lima as we will be returning 12 days later.

You can leave CUZCO clothes at the hotel in Cuzco when you go on your 2-day Machu Picchu excursion.


There WILL be a chance to have clothes washed (inexpensively) about every 3rd day, so don't try to pack for the full 16 days!


During the ride, the clothes you wear only at night to go out and find supper will last you many, many days!  And you can always buy clothing inexpensively along the way if needed!  TRAVEL LIGHT!

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